Saturday, April 3, 2010

!!!!my VDM!!!!

HEy everybody, my VDM is posted! yay!!! And a little cute interview, isn't that great?
Thank you very much for all the comments and encouragement :D

PS:I can see that peple think that there is a cat on a leach (u can imagine that if you want, it's still funy :D) but he is a Chow Chow and i chose it becauze i think it's the most cute dog ever!! so ya you can call it Kat ;))


K3vin said...

j'ai encore 20 jours pour faire ma VDM illustrée ^^...
ah oui sinon, TROP BON CES ILLUSTR'S !!!

XiuSHa said...

hello Kevin ^_^ Good luck with your VDM i can't wait to see it on the site!! I had so much fun doing mine.
And thank you very much for adding me to your fav list ^o^

deadkorrig said...

yeah that's fun ^_^
j'aodre ce blog, c'est génial

Pock said...

Super cette VDM !
J'adore les Vdm illustrées P: ... Et c'est encore mieux quand j'aime le style de l'auteur :D