Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tsunami Book by CFSL

OK so i'm not in the book yet... pfff... :(
The money earned will be donated to the people that suffered in Japan. I'm so so happy that i can do something for them!!! Be strong Japan, i know you will make it trough!
Thank you so much CFSL for giving me this wonderful opportunity!!!
Xiu and Papoi faceing the tsunami...:( (click click)

In the mean time @ MNAC the workshop goes fine. I've meet Jane Candy, Mihai, Toma, Nilu Crocodilu and Octav Ungureanu and we exchanged drawings. That's how i've got my first "Xiu and PApoi" fanart ^__^ i'm so happy, take a look:

by Octav Ungureanu
a threesome between Xiu, Jane and Papoi imagined by Nilu Crocodilu :))))